Traineeships in Hertfordshire

Traineeships in Hertfordshire

As an employer it is vital to plan for your future labour needs. To have a good grasp of the pool of talent and an influence on the kinds of skills available is a considerable advantage. Traineeships are one way to achieve this. 

Designed to help us develop young people aged from 16 to 24 who have not yet acquired the wherewithal to get an apprenticeship or a job and lasting up a maximum of six months, they help to build a group of high quality recruits providing the specific skills needed in the future by helping them become ‘work ready’.


Traineeships must include:

  • Work preparation and training provided by the training organisation in your area.
  • English and Maths support if required, again provided by the training organisation
  • A high quality work placement.

In addition the employer and training organisation can set the content of the Traineeship to match the needs of your business, and the local labour market. At the end of the period agreed, the Trainee will be guaranteed an interview if a job is available and if not, an exit interview and meaningful written feedback to help secure an apprenticeship or employment elsewhere.

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