Work Trials in Hertfordshire

Work Trials in Hertfordshire

It is always a worry whether new people will be able to do the job and fit in.

A Jobcentre Plus programme called Work Trials gives you a risk free opportunity to see a potential employee actually doing the job before offering them employment. It taps into a pool of people who may, though not lacking ability, have difficulty getting work. People such as: lone parents, the disabled or the long term unemployed could fit into this group of potential employees. In order to qualify for the program the job must be a genuine vacancy, offering at least sixteen hours of employment a week, and lasting for at least three months. The work trial itself can last up to thirty days, but that length of time would be the exception.


So the benefits of this system are….

  • The potential employee can be trialled and tested to check their suitability for the role and their commitment
  • No wages are required to be paid
  • Administration is minimal
  • Any concerns or misconceptions can be overcome, or not.

Jobcentre Plus will be happy to provide more information