Types of Training in Hertfordshire


Recognising the importance of playing a useful part in the local community is one of the keys to success in business. Understanding just how useful the skills and experience of the company’s workforce are to that community, is another, and ‘mentoring’ is a great way to bring these two together. Offering the untapped experience within business to help motivate and inspire a wide range of young people in local schools and colleges, cements community and businesses relationships and brings clear benefits to everyone.


Young people gain:

  • Insight into the variety and demands of the modern workplace 
  • Practical advice, encouragement and support 
  • Improved communication and personal skills 
  • Different strategies for dealing with personal and academic issues Increased confidence 
  • Help in setting goals and a sense of purpose 
  • The chance to learn from the experience of others 

Mentors gain:

  • Practical involvement in the CSR programme 
  • The opportunity to develop leadership and management skills 
  • Personal growth and fulfilment 
  • Additional elements to add weight to a CV

The company gains:

  • A positive reputation in the community 
  • The opportunity to get to know potential employees 
  • A developing and more adept workforce 
  • Access to the benefits that Student’s new ideas and thinking can deliver

But as always, where do you start?

A simple first step may be to get involved with the local Dragons Enterprise Challenge. Running throughout the country from September to March, this involves mentoring a team of six year twelve students as they set about turning the £100 they are given into as large a profit as possible. Dragons provide advice, encouragement and access to resources to help the team manage their business and achieve their goals. All profits go to the team’s allocated charities. 

In Herts we have a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), one of thirty nine around the country, charged by government to drive forward sustainable private sector growth and job creation. The LEP has a number of projects involving mentoring, and ensures those involved are from a diverse range of ages, genders, ethnicity and backgrounds across the many and varied areas of economic growth in the county. 

Empowering young people to reach their potential