Funding, Grants and Support in Hertfordshire

Learning Support

Learning Support is additional support to assist individual learners who might otherwise be unable to fully undertake their programme of training due to their learning difficulty or disability, and may subsequently require specialist support beyond that normally provided by the training provider.

Prior to enrolment on the training course with the training provider the individual learner is interviewed and assessed. It is during this process that their requirement for learning support will be identified and agreed. Support may be available if required to individual learners who have a physical disability, sensory impairment, mental health or learning difficulty. The training provider provides the additional support to the learner.

How is the funding accessed?

In the current system the funding is paid to the training provider directly to deliver the training on for the employer and individual learner. Some qualifications are only part funded and in this instance a contribution from the employer is assumed. This is intended to change with the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy.