Funding, Grants and Support in Hertfordshire

Adult Learner Loans

Adult learning loans are available to people aged 19+ living in the UK for minimum of 3 years to help pay for tuition fees up to the maximum set by government funding rates, the minimum available is a loan of £300. This is a loan taken out by the individual not the business. The loan is awarded by a body called Student Finance England (SFE) and paid to the training provider directly, they take care of the administration. Loans are available for regulated qualifications (link) at Level 3 to Level 6.


Monthly payments are based on the income of the individual.

Repayments are made in the same way tax and national insurance contributions are collected, via the employer payroll.

Repayments start in the April following the end of the course.
If income drops below a certain amount or the individual stops working then then repayments are suspended. 

If you’re self-employed you’ll be responsible for making student loan repayments as part of your annual self-assessment tax return. 

If the loan is not paid back after 30 years it is wiped.