Apprenticeships Reforms and Levy in Hertfordshire

The Apprenticeship Service for levy payers

Estimate Apprenticeship Funding

Employers can estimate their levy or co-investment  contribution  to help them to plan their training and estimate their financial spending

Find Apprenticeship Training

You will need to find a training provider that can deliver the training you need. Skillmakers can help you do this or you can use the Government's find a training provider service

Set Up An Account To Manage Apprenticeship Funding

In order access your apprenticeship funding and control how it is spent, you will need to set up an account. This is similar to online banking and should only take about ten minutes


If you have any questions about your account, you can:

Email: Manage Apprenticeships or call: 08000 150 600

Sign Your Employer Agreement

Before you can start adding apprentices you'll have to sign a legal agreement with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to authorise your apprenticeship funding to be paid to your chosen provider

Step 5 - Recruit an apprentice

Work with your training provider to recruit the right apprenticeship candidate for the role and post the vacancy online 

Step 6 - Set up apprenticeships and authorise payment to your training provider

Once recruited, you can add your apprenticeships to your account and authorise payment to your training provider

Step 7 - Monitor the balance of your funding

The levy will be collected from April 2017 by HMRC and apprenticeship funds will start to appear in your account from May 2017. You can use your account to view payments you've made to training providers and to stop or pause a payment