Training and Improving Skills in Hertfordshire

Accessing the Right Training

As an employer you will want to ensure that any staff training you undertake will give you a return on investment – with the results justifying the time and expense that’s inccurred.

Good training should do more than just provide skills and knowledge. It should energise and inspire trainees, making them more effective in the workplace.

Talking with your provider will allow you to shape your expectations and ensure there are no surprises – for you, your provider or the trainee.

Together Training is Skillmakers’ provider of choice, and they will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you. If considering an Apprenticeship, here are some questions you may wish to ask at the start:


Questions to ask your training provider

  •  Will you assist if I require help with my training needs analysis?
  • How are individual training needs assessed and how is training altered to meet these?
  • How is the training actually delivered?
  • Will the Apprenticeship be tailored to meet the specific needs of my business?
  • What financial contribution will I need to make?
  • Is financial support available and how do I obtain it?
  • What will be my degree of involvement in the delivery of the Apprenticeship training?
  • How many workplace assessment visits will occur?
  • What additional workload will the Apprentice take on?
  • Can the Apprenticeship start at any time of year or are there fixed start times?
  • Will I be kept informed about the progress of the Apprentice?
  • Are my own training facilities and support resources adequate for an Apprentice?
  • How is the Apprenticeship certificated?
  • How do you measure Apprentice satisfaction?

The good news is that the Government has made funds available to pay in part or in full for a wide range of training. Find out what's available.

From basic skills through to full sector specific qualifications, checkout the following links to see what’s available.