Business Training Resources and Advice in Hertfordshire

Traineeships BT

Example of a Government-backed traineeship

Opportunities and outcomes in education and work: Gender effects

Some insightful information to have on Gender Effects

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Government update

The Government has an ambitious vision for Corporate Social Responsibility

Volunteer/Charity Agreement

Sample Volunteer Agreement

CSR Policy

A guide to creating a CSR Template

Extra Financial Support for Apprentice Employers

Hertfordshire Growth Hub has new incentives for Hertfordshire businesses employing 10-249 staff to take on new apprentices.

A new Conversation. Employer and College Engagement

Securing the right skills and aptitudes for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

Training Needs Analysis Template

Example of a Training Needs Analysis Template

Equality and Diversity Policy

Developing an Equality Policy

Apprenticeship Evaluation: Employers

The survey explored the views and experiences of 4,030 employers whose employees had finished an Apprenticeship between August 2012 and March 2013.

Understanding the Links between Employers and Schools and the role of the National Careers Service

Research findings that relate specifically to understanding the link between employers, schools and the National Careers Service.

Opportunities and outcomes in education and work: Gender effects

This paper gives a broad perspective on the current situation for women in education and work in the UK.

Employer Investment in Higher Apprenticeships in Accounting

An assessment of employer investment in Higher Apprenticeships in Accounting (Level 4)

Employer Investment in Apprenticeships in the Health Sector

During 2010/11, the University of Warwick Institute for Employment Employer Research (IER) and IFF Research Ltd conducted the Fifth Net Benefits of Apprenticeship to Employers study.

Construction, Building Services Engineering and Planning: Sector Skills Assessment 2012

Authoritative labour market intelligence (LMI) for the construction, building services engineering and planning (CBSE&P) sector.

Traineeships: First year Process evaluation

Understanding learner, provider and employer view points on how the implementation of traineeships is working plus risks to successful implementation and barriers to delivery

English Apprenticeships: Our 2020 Vision

The Government's vision for increasing the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in England, reaching three million starts in 2020 with employers driving the improvements.

Estimation of the labour market returns to qualifications gained in English Further Education

This paper estimates the (i) earnings, (ii) employment probability and (iii) probability of being on active benefits.

UK Employer Skills Survey 2013

Looks at skills shortages, vacancies, impact of skills shortage vacancies, skills challenges, causes of skills gaps and actions taken to address skills gaps.

Hertfordshire Skills Strategy 2017

Hertfordshire County Council working with our partners in the Local Enterprise Partnership and Jobcentre Plus have developed this document to address the growing appetite for a skills strategy for Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire Growth Deal

Hertfordshire's LEP's ambition to transform the economy and establish the area as a centre for global business excellence through focused investment in the area’s infrastructure

Hertfordshire LEP's Strategic Economic Plan

Perfectly Placed for Business, a Strategic Economic Plan (SEP), sets out a long term blueprint for smart economic growth in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire LEP's Area Apprenticeship Action Plan for Hertfordshire 2015-2017

The Apprenticeship Strategy for Hertfordshire 2015-17 identified some objectives that have been revised in April 2016.

Hertfordshire LEP's Area Apprenticeship Strategy for 2015-2017

Strategies and plans for growing Apprenticeships in Hertfordshire

The Role of the Enterprise Adviser

Helping a local school with the development of a whole school strategy for careers, enterprise and employer engagement

The Apprenticeship Levy: The Facts

The Apprenticeship Levy comes into effect on 6th April 2017 for employers with a pay bill in excess of £3m

Apprenticeships Policy in England

Commons Library Briefing, 17 November 2016

Apprenticeship courses

Apprenticeships offered by Together Training

Extra Financial Support for Apprentice Employers

Hertfordshire Growth Hub has new incentives for Hertfordshire businesses employing 10-249 staff to take on new apprentices.