Staffing Level Needs Analysis in Hertfordshire

​Staffing Needs Analysis Introduction​

A staffing plan helps a business to get the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Often the process of developing the plan can be just as important as the plan itself, offering as it does the opportunity to reflect on business challenges and the factors that ensure success.

Of course, workforce planning is much easier if a wider business or strategic plan is in place. But don’t be deterred if you don’t have these formally documented. You probably already have a good idea of how the business operates – and how it could be improved.

By necessity, personnel planning in small and medium sized businesses is very often reactive and informal. The triggers could be missed deadlines or the staff complaining about being short on help. This can indicate inadequate staffing levels but be careful, as it could also be a sign of insufficient skill levels or supervision. 

So this can also be the right time to consider workforce planning.
You will need to understand your staffing profile: ages and salaries, the skills employees have, staff turnover rate and employee satisfaction as well as existing reporting structures. 

From this position of understanding you can take action to address the issues raised. And the solution needn’t necessarily be recruitment. Upskilling can be just as significant.

There are many templates available on the web to get you started with planning.