Employing People with Disabilities in Hertfordshire

Employing People with Health Conditions or Impairments

The attraction that motivated and talented people bring to a business is obvious. Knowing where to look for those abilities is less straight forward. People with disabilities, health conditions or other difficulties, are motivated and talented to the same extent as everyone else, but often they have an extra something as well. Having to face and overcome personal battles often demonstrates tremendous willpower and positive thinking, attributes which are invaluable to any workforce. Put together with the enriching experience of working with disabled colleagues or those experiencing other difficulties, and the benefits are clear.

So take that first step, brush aside stereotypes and move forward.


It’s not just a matter of common sense, however, as it is against the law to discriminate against a disabled person because of their disability.

  • In the recruitment process
  • In their terms and conditions of their employment
  • In chances for promotion, transfer, training or other benefits
  • By treating them less fairly than other workers
  • By subjecting them to harassment    

Employing people with disabilities can also help a business meet its corporate social responsibilities.

There are government schemes, some offering financial help, to support disabled workers including:

Work Choice is an individually tailored package of support for employers with disabled employees. 

Work Preparation programme this helps disabled people to try out different types of work and is arranged through the Jobcentre.

Work Trials is a programme run by Jobcentre Plus giving you a risk free opportunity to see a potential employee actually doing the job before offering them employment. 

You can also speak to one of our local charities that provide support for disabled people to get face to face advice and support.