Employing People with Disabilities in Hertfordshire

Disability Confident

There are a number of questions that could be causing concern, when thinking about offering a job to someone with disabilities.

Will we be able to offer the right support? Could we fall foul of all the legislation? Will “reasonable adjustments” bring about excessive costs? What about productivity, reliability and sickness? 

To tackle the last ones first …On productivity there is no difference between disabled and non-disabled employees. Disabled people have fewer days sick leave and fewer workplace accidents than their able bodied colleagues, and frequently achieve a much higher retention rate.

As for the other questions, the Government’s Disability Confident campaign is in place to help dispel your doubts. By sharing the case histories of businesses which have successfully employed disabled people, it removes barriers and increases understanding of the benefits to be had. 

You can also speak to one of our local charities that provide support for disabled people to get face to face advice and support.