Work Experience in Hertfordshire

Work Experience

Employers often think young people are not well prepared for work, where this is true, it is most often due to a lack of experience. Experience is key. 

According to the research entitled “Not just making tea …Reinventing work experience,” by UKCES 29% of employers say that experience is critical when recruiting young people and a further 45% say it is significant. It is also true to say that finding the best future talent may mean expanding your horizons and being prepared to give consideration to those who may not currently fit the bill, may not be employed currently or may not have the ideal experience.

It is important therefore to give real consideration to offering work placements as often as possible and to as many people young or old as is appropriate for the business.

The benefits are…

  • A wider access to a deep pool of talent
  • Bringing in fresh ideas, insights and diversity
  • Savings on recruitment costs by converting work experience into full time jobs
  • The ability to influence local schools and training providers to develop the skills you require in the future
  • Developing supervisory skills for existing staff
  • Contributing to the local economic development by helping to tackle unemployment

There are various ways to get involved.


As an employer there are few simple steps you need to take to ensure the placement is safe and will be successful for both you and the participant. 

  • You do not need to undertake further risk assessments, particularly if you usually employ young people. 
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  • Make sure you understand the training needs of the individual by discussing this with the school placement officer or training provider
  • It is advisable to appoint a work experience placement supervisor within the company to manage the individual on a day to day basis
  • You do not need to carry out enhanced Disclosure and Barring Services checks (DBS, formally known as CRB checks) on staff who will be supervising 16 to 17 year olds, you can refuse to do this.
  • Review your induction procedure to ensure you have included work experience
  • Employers Liability Insurance covers work experience, you can check this with your insurance company.
  • Identify a suitable school or training provider search here