Work Experience in Hertfordshire

The Work Programme

The work programme is a shorthand term for a number of schemes aimed at assisting jobseeker allowance (JSA) claimants to find employment. It is administered by contracted providers who are paid by results (e.g. the number and longevity of work placements). 


Services available include:

  • Pre-employment training tailored to your needs 
  • Facilities for interviewing and training
  • Up to two years in-work support for you and your employee
  • Help in improving your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

You can expect your training provider to keep red tape to a minimum. For more information on the work programme.

If however, you are looking to recruit new people to help fill skills gaps, similar help is also available, in the following areas. 

  • A free recruitment service
  • Help in developing job descriptions and candidate specifications
  • Advertising vacancies and sifting candidates
  • Administering any tests 
  • Pre-selecting candidates according to your criteria
  • Providing candidates for work trials and work placements

In addition to these services your provider can help you with further access to available funding such as Apprenticeship Schemes and access to Regulated Qualifications.