Work Experience in Hertfordshire

Graduate Recruitment

If you are going to remain competitive, it is really important to introduce fresh thinking into your business, and a good way to do this is by recruiting a graduate. Having spent at least the last three years studying for a degree, their subject knowledge is bound to be cutting edge, and their experience of up to date technology and communication is likely to be a step ahead. 

 With the ever increasing reliance on social media to promote our brands, develop awareness and drive sales, graduate employees are perfectly placed to keep your business in the vanguard. Their desire to learn and grow will encourage calculated risk taking, overcoming that natural reticence which may hold businesses back. 

Passion, enthusiasm and versatility are a potent force in the workplace, and introducing exciting new thinking into a company is an excellent way to keep things moving forward at a pace. 

Where to begin?

There is as much competition to attract good graduates as there is in securing contracts and sales, so a professional approach is essential. Your reputation as an employer, the employment opportunities you offer, and the way you package that offer are the keys to attracting the best people. It is worthwhile spending time thinking about and developing an employer brand showing clearly what you have to offer, so potential employees can then align that offer with their requirements. 

 Graduates want to see a career path, with well-defined opportunities for development.  A dedicated page on the company web site, possibly including testimonials from previous graduate employees, is a great way to encourage applications.

Research recently completed, offers a comprehensive review of graduate recruitment and includes an insight into the ways in which employer’s thinking continues to change and develop.