Kennedy Scott “Work Choice” programme

Kennedy Scott “Work Choice” programme

Kennedy Scott are a provider of the Government funded “Work Choice” programme. They offer support, services and advice to employers,  particular SMEs. They help those with complex barriers to find and thrive in jobs and to improve the skills of people already in employment.

Kennedy Scott aims to support people to achieve their potential and progress in their careers and lives.

Their support includes:

  • The Work Programme
  • Work Choice
  • Specialist Employability Support

Delivery method includes

  • Intensive support for the individual through a Circle of Support model bringing together all the relevant parties in someone’s life to work collaboratively and share responsibility for their journey into work
  • Partnership working to deliver Specialist Employability Support
  • Developing strong relationships with employers, particularly SMEs
  • Expert advice for those with disabilities, drawing on partners including the National Autistic Society and the Royal Mencap Society