Internships in Hertfordshire

Internships in Hertfordshire

An internship is structured work experience that typically lasts from three to twelve months and is designed to tie in with a student or graduate’s academic area of study or chosen career path.

It gives you the risk-free opportunity to see someone in action over an extended period, to assess the quality of their contribution, and to make a qualified judgement as to their future worth to your business as an employee.

Interns have the enthusiasm of those new to the world of work, have great ideas honed in an academic background, and represent an inexpensive and productive investment. The employer’s duty of care is, of course, the same as that for any other employee, and the commitment to provide professional supervision and guidance is essential, but the costs are relatively small.

The advantages of having an established and high quality intern programme are many.It helps smaller organisations to punch above their weight when recruiting, as word amongst potential interns gets around very quickly, and the best programmes attract the best students. Good relationships with Universities and Colleges are built on the foundation of internships and can lead to joint projects and the sharing of resources. Above all, it gives your business access to the pick of the crop of future employees and that’s an advantage no one can deny. To check on employment rights etc., go to…

There are a number of ways to set about finding interns. Obviously your usual methods of recruitment are perfectly valid, but help is at hand by visiting the web based Graduate Talent Pool matching system.

You simply register on line, providing details of the vacancy, the type of candidate you want, the length of the internship and whether it is paid or unpaid. You can also include up to ten questions to act as a filter which, if not answered correctly, prevent the application going further and blocks access to your details.

 The CIPD also offer comprehensive guide for employers