Volunteering Opportunties in Hertfordshire

Types of Volunteering Opportunties

Types of volunteering opportunities 

People have different interests and motivations for volunteering and will be attracted to different types of volunteering activities. A good employer supported volunteering programme focuses on employers giving individuals time off to pursue volunteering opportunities during work time and might also include partnering with the right community and voluntary sector organisations, to provide employees of all levels the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to social change. These opportunities can be either short or long term.

One-off or short-term volunteering opportunities

One off or short term volunteering opportunities usually involve short and specific tasks that are easy to start and complete. This type of volunteering is ideal for employees who have busy and ever changing workloads. Short term volunteering can often be a positive way to build teams within a business for example painting a community centre or gardening at a care home as a group. 

While this type of volunteering activity might work well for some organisations, it’s not suitable for all organisations, and often charities are looking to recruit volunteers on a longer-term basis.

Longer-term volunteering opportunities

Longer-term volunteering opportunities allow employees to make a sustainable commitment to support voluntary and community sector organisations by participating in initiatives which take place over longer periods. Examples include coaching and mentoring, working on community projects, or taking on positions of responsibility such as a sports coach, school governor or charity trustee.

This type of volunteering might also provide employers with the opportunity to create long term partnerships with community organisations to create unique volunteering opportunities that evolve over time. Longer-term opportunities also lend themselves better to skills-based volunteering, which uses the volunteer’s existing skills. Examples could include a finance professional helping a charity with their book-keeping or a HR professional mentoring a young jobseeker on job search skills.

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