Developing a CSR policy

Overview in creating a CSR Policy

The process of turning ideas on CSR into action is not difficult, and downloading the Skillmakers template is a really good place to begin.

Many of the considerations of CSR are already enshrined in law, but taking voluntary measures and initiatives that go beyond that is now the norm. So when you are developing your strategy, think about the short and long term interests of  your employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders,  the local community and the environment. Think about the positive things your business can bring to bear, and the negative elements you can get rid of. Think about using your resources whether that’s people, finance, products or facilities for the common good and think about the example you can set by implementing sound working practices, great environmental control, and strong core values.

It is possible to obtain externally certified management standards to demonstrate your commitment to  CSR formally. From the environmental point of view the ISO 14001 Standard is internationally recognised and has been implemented by many organisations throughout the world.

Taking CRS seriously marks your company out as special. It creates relationships, builds brand awareness and loyalty, allows ideas to flow, markets to be developed, and innovation. Simply, it has no downside.          

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