Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits in Hertfordshire


CSR, just another  piece of  jargon, another here today gone tomorrow business trend? Absolutely not. Corporate Social Responsibility is already here in spades, and will in the very near future be an asset no business of any size, can be without.

So what’s it about? Why are companies from conglomerates to sole traders so keen on it? 

CSR is about assessing the effect doing business has on the community, both locally and at large. It’s about understanding how to engage with people socially and environmentally without compromising business goals. It’s about taking a lead in promoting benefits to employees, customers, suppliers, other businesses, stakeholders, and the local community alike. It’s about reducing the resources and energy you use for the benefit of the environment. But remember, it’s not just altruistic. It is about the positive effect all these things have on your bottom line

Being active and giving back to the local community, and entering for the various local and national CSR awards is a great way to get positive Press coverage and build reputation. It also brings you into contact with other companies who share similar aims.

So where to start? Skillmakers will help you take the first step by creating a CRS policy      

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