Why Having the Right People is the Most Important Thing

By Arfana Saddiquee, 

Business Development & Marketing Executive 

June 12th 2017

According to one report, businesses where employee engagement is high outperform FTSE 100 companies by as much as x3.5. That’s a surprising figure – that just by having a dedicated, passionate workforce, your business can beat even the big, established giants. We usually think of having the right talent as being important, but that’s only one among many factors. Yet it seems that a strong workforce’s influence on your business’s success may be far more than you would have estimated


Why Recruiting the Best Talent Matters

The smaller the business, the more each employee has an impact on overall performance. That’s because the proportion of work each one is doing is that much higher – if you only have three employees, each is going to contribute substantially more to your business than if you have a hundred.

That’s why it’s so important to have employees who care about your business’s trajectory. When they’ve tapped into your vision, they’ll be prepared to go above and beyond to help your company grow and achieve its long-term goals.

You should remember the difference between a worker who’s really engaged and one who’s merely satisfied with their work. The latter will do a good job – but they won’t go that extra mile that distinguishes them from everyone else. You’ll only be able to beat your competitors when you have that committed workforce. Everyone can find employees who will do the work. What makes a difference is having employees who are really on board with what you’re trying to achieve – who’ll see your goals as their own, and who’ll work as hard to meet them as you do yourself.

Enthusiasm is by no means the only important factor. Having the right skills and the right training is essential. But in a rapidly changing work environment, what makes for the right skills can change month to month. Beyond having the knowledge to do the job, employees must have the commitment to keep on changing, constantly reshaping themselves to meet new demands. 

How to Build the Best Team

Two things go into building a good team: recruiting the right people, and keeping them trained and motivated after they’ve been hired.

It’s vitally important that you invest in training programmes. The world of work is constantly changing, and employees’ skills need to be regularly updated to accommodate. Not only will it make your workforce better prepared, it will improve retention, as each employee feels that their career is developing. You don’t want to lose key employees to a competitor because they feel that their career has stalled at your company.


Consider growing your business’s brands awareness in the community. If a business gives you something back, it will improve local ties in the community and help it grow its reputation as the employer of choice.

Small businesses have a great opportunity to craft an enthusiastic workforce. Because of their size, it’s easy for everyone to get face-time with senior management, keeping them engaged and aware of the vision for the company. At Dua & Co we’ve put a lot of effort into building a dedicated, experienced team of accountants in Watford, and we understand the importance of strong talent in growing a business. That’s why we recommend that you invest in creating a good team – we know that it will pay dividends in the long run.

Why Dua & Co. supports the work of Skillmakers

Skillmakers is an advisory service which helps your business to build a strong and effective team. They can guide you through the best recruiting methods, and gives you the skills you need to retain your skilled employees over the long term. With their knowledge of which skills and training programmes your business requires, you’ll be able to keep your workforce constantly at the forefront of the industry.

Arfana Saddiquee - Business Development & Marketing Executive
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